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We are proud to be Atlanta's top custom ice carving company. We quote each sculpture individually based on how many blocks it will take to create and the level of detail.

Our starting price for a simple 1 Block 3D sculpture is $600. Most 1 Block 3D or engraved ice sculptures cost between $600-$700 and measure about 3 ft. tall by 3 ft. wide. We can add color or glitter to logos and engravings for $75 per color. We can also create large sculptures and displays to accommodate any event. Ice Sculptures include delivery within 30 miles of Atlanta and you will also need a drain pan based on your sculpture size. We will include LED battery operated lighting with the purchase of a drain pan. ($400 minimum to include delivery)

We also have PDF files available for sales teams, please contact us and we will forward them to you.

We offer a medium size ice sculpture for delivery starting at $400, please call the office for a design.

Bars start at $2,250 for our simplest designs, and we can create an ice bar as large and intricate as you need.


Prices vary by quantity so please call us for a quote. ($400 minimum to include delivery)

We price our sculptures per block based on the level of detail and difficulty. Our blocks measure 40x20x10 in inches. We can combine multiple blocks to create large sculptures and displays.

Our 1 block 3D sculptures are generally 3 ft. tall by 19 inches wide or 3 ft. wide and 2 ft. tall.

Our 1 block logo sculptures are generally 3 ft. tall by 3 ft. wide or 3 ft. wide and 2 ft. tall. This depends on the shape and orientation of your logo.

Human form is the most difficult to sculpt so it is the most expensive.

Drain Pan Information:

Our Disposable Drain Pans are a clear plastic, and they have a tube coming out of the backside for drainage. We will need you to provide a 5 gallon bucket or small trash can to place underneath the table to catch the water. If you provide an extra linen when our crew arrives to set up, they will be more than happy to wrap the drain pan for you. If you use our disposable drain pans, we will not return at the end of the event to clean up, it is yours to keep for your next event. The disposable drain pan will come with an ice pick and our crew can explain how to break down the ice when they set up.

Our Rental Drain Pans include clean up after the event within 30 miles of Atlanta. The Rental Drain Pans are self-containing, they come wrapped in black linens and they add 6 inches of height to the sculpture. No need for a bucket or linens as we will provide all necessary equipment. Some facilities require Rental Drain Pans and clean up.


We book event dates as far out as one year. During the holiday season, October thru January, it is best to place your order at least 30 days in advance to ensure our availability. If this is a last minute order, we can accommodate your needs within one week or less. If you are requesting a sculpture with frozen inclusions, we like to have at least 2 weeks to achieve optimum quality.

Most sculptures begin on our CNC machine and then are finished by hand with chainsaws, chisels and die grinders to create the final sculpture design.

Sculptures last about 6-8 hours depending on design.

On the day of your event, we usually arrive one hour prior to your guest arrival time. We refer to this as the Start Time on the work order. Our arrival time is referred to as the Set Time on the Work Order.

We do not provide the table for the sculpture to sit on, unless arranged with our sales team. We ask that you provide a sturdy, four-legged table, and have it set up when our crew arrives.

We anchor all sculptures on a base slab to ensure safety so they cannot be tipped over.

Sculptures look best in front of a dark wall or backdrop. White and clear ice tends to blend in to white or light colored wall.

If your event will be held upstairs, and there is no elevator access, please let us know prior to your event.

If you purchase a Luge or Bottle Bunker, chill the liquor in the freezer the night before. This will make it more enjoyable for your guests and it will help preserve the sculpture longer.

We request a 25% deposit upon booking with the remainder due 2 weeks prior to the event. We can make exceptions or arrange other payment methods, contact our sales team for details.

We make our ice blocks in house to ensure high quality sculptures.