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Over the years, at ICE sculpture INC.. we have created many different types of planes trains, or automobiles, one of Jim's specialties is sculpting cars. From race cars to vintage cars, such as Porsche or Mercedes, and even a VW Bug, Jim has carved just about every make out there! So it's no surprise that we specialize in other forms of transportation as well. From boats, such as; the Titanic for the Movie release in South America, to a shrimp boat for seafood display, we go nautical as well! When the first F22 fighter was shipped to Alaska, ICE Sculpture INC. created a replica for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. Trains make great large ice displays for outdoor events for both young and old to enjoy when made at half scale they make for great picture opportunities for people to pose with. Have a motorcycle enthusiast in the family? We have an awesome Harly Davidson Ice Luge, poor drinks down the tailpipe at your next event!

It doesn't matter whether you have a specific special car, automobile, a motorcycle, plane or train that you want to have made into ice carvings, Jim will deliver a beautiful ice display!